Monday, July 12, 2010

Classes Start Today!

Today is the first day of classes for my summer classes. Wooray!!

One class is a technology integration class. This one is 3 weeks long, 19 days, to be specific. Frought with lots of digital assignments, some of which may get posted here. I have already done today's assignment, printed out a bunch of 'stuff' and reviewed the projects to be completed. It looks like a lot for 19 days (when I still have everything else to get done too...) But, alas, it is school and I am so excited to get moving!

The other class is classroom assessment. For which I have also done the first assignment. This one is a 5 week lecture class, and I must admit I like a class with face time! My dad alrady took this class, from the same pressure :)

On a bittersweet note, this weekend was the last chance for Annie to qualify for our Regional Swim Meet. She worked so hard to get as fast as she could and when it came time for the 50 breast, she put it all out there in the water...and dropped 8.9 seconds!!! (For those who don't know, this is an INSANE amount of time to drop and basically no one does this!) However, it still put her 4.7 away from the cut...We have decided to look forward to next summer, when we could have as many as 3 cuts!

Off to finish the work and get ready for class!

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