Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some days are not great.

So, I am finishing my Masters of Arts in Sociology. This semester I am a graduate assistant to the department chair. Which means I help him with research and help him teach Statistics. I also am taking Medical Sociology. Which is way fun! I was supposed to be taking 2 other classes, both education, that were going to help me work forward to my Masters in Teaching.

My thesis chair informed me that I cannot take 3 classes and have to drop both of the education classes so that I can focus on my thesis.

I am frustrated that my dad gets to continue in the world of education classes and I don't.

I really want to move forward with my life and get out of limbo.

I am chairing my high school reunion and I really don't like the idea of showing up as a recent Grad School grad and not much else to show for the last 10 years other than a husband, 2 kids and a house.

That sounds terrible, but I really would like to at least be employed. or have lost 20 pounds and look better than I did when we graduated... but employed would be nice...

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