Saturday, January 30, 2010


So, I turned in the application for the Fellowship the other day. I am now officially on my way.

I still have to get a background check for the TEP (Teacher Education Program) but otherwise, that application is totally done, as well.

I finally made a decision about the Memphis Teaching Fellows. I decided not to interview with them for a subject I'm not actually interested in teaching. Something in me feels like that is deceitful.

I have done everything I can to keep my application with Memphis City Schools up to date so that I can get in there for the fall...

Why does this all seem to take so long!!!????

Oh and to make it more fun, I have now found out that there are no less than 5 of my friends in one class or another with my dad this semester...can't pretend I'm not a little jealous... :(


  1. Hey Rachel - I saw your blog on facebook and started following it. Please be patient with MCS and their hiring process. I think it was a smart decision to not do Teaching Fellows. So many people get hired on alt licenses in MCS, especially in sciences. You may want to take your resume to schools you are especially interested in, though, because honestly MCS hiring system is a little screwy. If you want more info, let me know on facebook. I'm teaching at Central.

  2. Aww thanks, Kathryn! It is hard getting into the fold of MCS. I was told that I am not allowed to take my resume out to schools until after I get into the pool...which is taking an exceptionally long time!


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