Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crazy Things have been happening!

So, obviously it has been MONTHS since my last update. So, I'll try and give a breif synopsis of what you've missed while I was away.

Late July:
I attended inservice with my dad as we prepared for the school year to start. It was somewhat informative, but I made several good friends!

Just before school started I was asked to help coach the Cheer team! I was so excited to be able to participate in that way. The school year got off to an ok start and I was on my way to being a "real" teacher. :) I finished my summer classes with 2 A's and was looking forward to my fall classes. The kids also had a good start to their school year at Grahamwood Elementary and we had everything in place for our nanny to help out in the mornings. Life was looking pretty ok.

The majority of the month of September went well. It was a blur of cheer practices, football games, school, teaching and kids...and swimming! Life seemed to be going fine..Until week 6 of school.
On Monday of week 6, September 20th, the day before my 9th wedding anniversary, my principal informed the school that he was going to have to surpluss a few teachers. (Surplusing means that the school has more teachers than the Board of Education believe need to be in the school) Needless to say, I was more than a little upset.
On Tuesday, Geoff brought me flowers, a card and a sandwich (that he made) for our 9th annivesary, it was so sweet!
On Wednesday, my Principal waited until after our faculty meetings and academy meetings to inform me that I would be surplussed and that the next day I needed to attend a surplus fair to get a new job.
So, on Thursday, I signed a contract with Dr. Durrah at Oakhaven High. I was excited to have a job, but nervous about what the future would have in store.
On Friday, I went back to Kirby, gave out the jerseys to the cheerleaders, gathered my belongings, had my phone stolen and left the school.

Monday, September 27th was my first day at my new school. I spent the day getting my room in order and on tuesday I got my classes.

My first full week at my new school was Homecoming! It was hard to get into the school spirit since I no longer was at the school I was used to and didn't know much about my new school or students. Everyone was amicable and the kids seemed fine. I was just very unsure of where I stood and it made me nervous.

I spent most of the month working diligently on being prepared each day and working ahead on my planning. I developed my system for my classroom and how I would teach each chapter became my own personal formula.

As of now, I have finished my White Board Protocal for the entire year and have made charts for each quarter. I have also started outlining my syllabi for the 3rd and 4th quarters.

In home news, Geoff and i finally came up with a remodel plan for our kitchen and storage room that we are both happy and excited to do! We went to the Home depot and with the help of Chris in the design center, we should be able to have this done by April or so.

More news to share, but it will have to be in another post!
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