Thursday, November 11, 2010

BIG news!

So, work at Oakhaven has been going great! I'm totally settled into the routine of teaching, the kids are great and Geoff and I have a great routine.

Well, the weekend of Halloween (this past weekend) I still wasn't feeling well. It had been nearly a week of feeling icky. Friday nite I bought a pregnancy test to take Saturday morning. AND IT WAS POSITIVE!!!!

We will be having baby #3 around June 23rd, 2011!!!

Everyone at work and at home is very excited!

This week has been busy as we prepare for the THINKSHOW. It's kind of a neat program that the entire school district puts on. My students did 2 projects. As a class we did a meiosis at work project showing weird heriditary traits that people have. As groups they did a poster with 3D models of the cell during each stage of meiosis, described what happens during meiosis, gave an example of meiosis in medical or scientific research and an example of how meiosis has gone wrong. I was very proud of those who were able to complete their prokects. For the spring though, I will definitely do something a little more elaborate and start earlier!

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